Mongolian Association of Journalists X PUBLISH
Mongolian Association of Journalists partners with PUBLISH to deliver NFT awards at Steel Pen Journalism Awards Ceremony
Gan Uzeg 2022 시상식 / 몽골기자총연합회 제공
Gan Uzeg 2022 시상식 / 몽골기자총연합회 제공

PUBLISH is pleased to announce that it successfully partnered with Mongolian Association of Journalists to deliver NFT (non-fungible token)-based awards at the 2022 edition of the Steel Pen Journalism Awards.

Organized by the Mongolian Association of Journalists, the Steel Pen (ГАН ҮЗЭГ [gan-uzeg] in Mongolian) is an annual journalism awards ceremony that recognizes achievements and contributions in the Mongolian media sector.

At the 2022 edition of the Steel Pen Awards Ceremony, which was held on December 5 in Ulaanbaatar, a total of 25 awards were presented in the categories of best media company, best journalist, best editor, and best article, among other categories.

Awards were issued as NFTs through PUBLISH mint, PUBLISH's NFT minting and brokerage service.