Confederation of Mongolian Journalists X PUBLISH
PUBLISH partners with Confederation of Mongolian Journalists to develop public media blockchain

PUBLISH is pleased to announce it has invited the confederation of Mongolian journalists to discuss ways to cooperate on October 28th. 

At this discussion table, members of PUBLISH including CEO Kwon Sung-min participated along with members of the confederation of Mongolian journalists. They had an enthusiastic conversation about the R&E compensation system, services such as PUBLISH iD and Wallet, press cards based on blockchain, and NFTs made by PUBLISH. 

Upon the conversation, participants from both organizations agreed on the need to respond to Web3.0 making changes in the media landscape and continued serious discussions on how to introduce a Web3.0 news ecosystem in the Mongolian region.

Kwon Sung-min, CEO of PUBLISH mentioned "Next year, we will make joint promotions with the Mongolian journalists association of our Web3.0 news ecosystem using DID press card, alliance participation, and so on" and said "PUBLISH will expand the Web3.0 news ecosystem in response to various global environments as well as domestic" emphasizing the scalability of PUBLISH services. 

This article is originally posted on Tokenpost, and permitted for publishing.