CBS M&C's NOON to use PUBLISH link read-and-earn solution
사진 = 퍼블리시 & CBS미디어캐스트 업무협약 / 퍼블리시 제공
사진 = 퍼블리시 & CBS미디어캐스트 업무협약 / 퍼블리시 제공

PUBLISH is pleased to announce it has made a business agreement with CBS Mediacast to strengthen the competitiveness of digital news content and create a blockchain based news ecosystem.

The agreement is focused on revitalizing CBS mediacast's journalism campaign, "NOON". Along with various service alliances, it includes building blockchain-based compensation protocol ecosystem, providing NFT related services to creators, activating NFT contents, and consulting on DID technologies.

The CEO of each company mentioned to cooperate as much as possible to find new ways for journalism to survive in rapidly chaning media envrionment.

In addtion, PUBLISH  is a leading tech media company that aims to establish a "PUBLISH Alliance" to create a virtuous cycle ecosystem between readers, media companies, and creators based on the blockchain compensation system. 

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