PUBLISH Expands into Mongolia, Driving Development of Web 3.0 Ecosystem
사진 = (왼쪽부터) 권성민 퍼블리시 대표, 어트겅 바타르 몽골기자총연합회 회장, 엔크타이반 바트쿠 몽골웹사이트협회 회장이 MOA를 체결했다.
사진 = (왼쪽부터) 권성민 퍼블리시 대표, 어트겅 바타르 몽골기자총연합회 회장, 엔크타이반 바트쿠 몽골웹사이트협회 회장이 MOA를 체결했다.

PUBLISH,Inc. announced on the 14th that it has signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the Mongolian Journalists' Federation and the Mongolian Website Association, outlining specific mutual cooperation on the implementation of DID (Decentralized Identifier) press credentials and the establishment of a blockchain-based Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Last year on December 5th, PUBLISH, the Mongolian Journalists' Federation, and the Mongolian Website Association signed an MOU with the objectives of supporting the establishment of the Mongolian Journalists' Association 'Press ID' utilizing blockchain technology, supporting and collaborating on a blockchain-based Web 3.0 news ecosystem, and promoting the development and education of blockchain-based news ecosystems in the Central Asian region.

Through this MOA, the concrete goals of supporting the implementation of 'Press ID' and commencing the pilot operation of PUBLISHlink services within this year were solidified based on the previous cooperative efforts.

At the signing ceremony, Batar, the President of the Mongolian Journalists' Federation, stated, "Today's meaningful occasion was made possible by the close exchange we have had with PUBLISH since the previous MOU. The Mongolian media industry also has a great interest in this collaborative partnership, which will be a new attempt for innovation and create a new history for the Mongolian media industry."

Enkhtaivan Batkhu, the President of the Mongolian Website Association, mentioned, "We shared the main points of the previous MOU with our member organizations (media outlets) and received a positive response regarding its implementation. Although Mongolia has a small population, the utilization of the internet and news consumption among the younger generation is very high. We have a highly positive outlook on PUBLISH's blockchain-based protocol ecosystem, which includes readers, journalists, and media outlets as members. Through this MOA, we hope that Mongolian media outlets will also build a blockchain ecosystem and become an opportunity for new innovations."

The Mongolian Journalists' Federation is a representative organization of the Mongolian media industry, with 23 branches in 21 provinces and 2 cities in Mongolia. All media outlets active in Mongolia are members of this federation, with approximately 4,000 journalists participating. The Mongolian Website Association is a subsidiary organization under the federation and has 56 participating media outlets (websites) representing Mongolia.

Sungmin Kwon, the CEO of PUBLISH, expressed gratitude for the interest, participation, and efforts of the Mongolian Journalists' Federation and the Mongolian Website Association in creating this opportunity. He stated, "By the end of this year, we aim to introduce PUBLISH's DID press credentials to the Mongolian media industry and initiate pilot services for PUBLISH link. Furthermore, we will contribute to the development of the Mongolian media industry and the media ecosystem in Central Asia."

It is worth noting that PUBLISH has jointly developed decentralized identifier-based press credentials with the Korea Journalists Association. Over 3,000 journalists have obtained and utilized these credentials, and 69 domestic media outlets are participating as members of PUBLISH's blockchain-based Web 3.0 ecosystem.