NewsHooplus X Safe Times X PUBLISH
PUBLISH Launches 'News Tip' NFT Campaign to Tokenize News Tips for Public Reporting
(사진 = (왼쪽부터) 최종건 뉴스후플러스 대표, 세이프타임즈 김창영 대표, 권성민 퍼블리시 대표가 업무협약을 맺고 있다.)
(사진 = (왼쪽부터) 최종건 뉴스후플러스 대표, 세이프타임즈 김창영 대표, 권성민 퍼블리시 대표가 업무협약을 맺고 있다.)

PUBLISH, Inc. announced on the 17th that it has entered into a business agreement to tokenize news articles from leading news outlets NewsHooplus and Safe Times as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), launching the "News Tip NFT Campaign."

The campaign aims to bolster public reporting activities by leveraging blockchain technology and services to safeguard the anonymity of public-interest informants while assigning value to their contributions through the tokenization process.

NewsHooplus and Safe Times, active participants in the campaign, will carefully select and report on public-interest activities, abstaining from commercial news tips, and instead issuing the reports as NFTs. Publisher will extend its support to facilitate the technical and operational aspects of NFT issuance by both news outlets, while also implementing a reward policy for participants, press agencies, and journalists.

CEO Choi Jong-geon of NewsHooplus emphasized, "Through this campaign, we aspire to shed light on illegal and corrupt practices prevalent in our society. NFTs, along with the blockchain ecosystem, are poised to play a pivotal role in safeguarding public-interest informants and steering our society towards a better future guided by their righteous courage."

Kim Chang-young, CEO of Safe Times, expressed his desire for Publisher, the core of the alliance, to foster ongoing collaboration with participating media outlets, elevating the value of articles through initiatives like the News Tip NFT Campaign. He also expressed hopes that this campaign would raise public awareness on crucial safety issues affecting society members, including events like "Safety Check Day" and other safety-related matters.

Kwon Sungmin, CEO of PUBLISH, firmly believes that internet-based content holds the potential to become virtual assets, with blockchain and tokenization serving as foundational and essential elements in this transformation. He stated, "The 'News Tip' NFT Campaign marks the initial stride in tokenizing articles and presents a new paradigm and opportunity to enhance their value."

Moreover, as part of the business agreement, PUBLISH aims to actively support the promotion of the News Tip NFT Campaign and encourage the participation of member media outlets within the alliance.