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Good Day NFT Campaign kicks-off feel-good NFT series with "Construction Day" NFT
사진 = '건설의 날' 기념 NFT 이미지 / 토큰포스트
사진 = '건설의 날' 기념 NFT 이미지 / 토큰포스트

PUBLISH is pleased to announce that, in partnership with TokenPost, it is set to launch the "Good Day NFT Campaign".

The Good Day NFT Campaign is an ongoing public interest initiative designed to highlight significant holidays and historic events. Under the uplifting slogan "Everyday is good day", the purpose of the campaign is to educate readers and foster a sense of community through the distribution of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The inaugural NFT celebrates Construction Day, which marks the establishment of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport on June 18, 1962, and pays tribute to those working in the construction industry.

The NFT will be issued as an SBT (Sountbound Token) and distributed free-of-charge to PUBLISH iD users from June 18.