PUBLISH unveils Web 3.0 solutions at 2023 Future of Media Conference
2023 Future of Media Conference / Courtesy of Media Today
2023 Future of Media Conference / Courtesy of Media Today

PUBLISH is pleased to announce its participation in the “2023 Future of Media Conference”, where it showcased its innovative Web 3.0 solutions.

Formerly known as the “Future of Journalism Conference,” the Future of Media Conference is an annual event hosted by Media Today since 2015.

This year's theme was “Game Changer: AI and Media Paradigm Shift.” The conference, spanning two days from August 24 to 25, convened experts from technology, content, and data sectors. Together, they explored the transformation of the news media ecosystem through AI.

Kang Jeong-soo, Chief Editor of The Core, opened the event with a keynote speech. He was followed by presentations from Yu Young-jun, COO of Wrtn Technologies, who shared his vision for an AI-driven chat platform, Next Portal; Kim Jae-in, Head of Kakao Brain's Calo Lab, who delved into the AI solutions his team has developed; and Kim Min-seong, Head of Media Strategy at Hankook Ilbo, who discussed AI uses cases in media.

An in-depth panel discussion was also held, addressing the challenges faced by the news industry, especially concerning the evolving portal news ecosystem in Korea. Participants included professors Hwang Yong-seok (Konkuk University), Kang Hyung-chul (Sookmyung Women's University), Choi Ji-hyang (Ewha Womans University), and researcher Kang Shin-gyu (Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation).

The second day of the conference focused on the influence of Korean content on the OTT (over-the-top) media service market.

Speakers included Han Jeong-hoon, CEO of Direct Media Lab, who talked about market trends and forecasts; Choi Moon-seok, director of AStory and producer of the dramas “Kingdom” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”; Park Jun-kyung, CEO of NewID, which is set to launch the ad-supported streaming platform FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV); No Dong-hwan, Policy Leader of the OTT platform Wavve; and Lee Young-ho, Head of Global Business at MBC.

An Jeong-ki, a writer and former YouTube lead at Google Korea, offered insights into the shifting creator ecosystem with AI's integration. Yun Young-guen, CEO of VerseWork, highlighted his company's endeavors in pioneering content of the future.

During the event, PUBLISH operated a booth and introduced its vision and Web 3.0 solutions to conference participants.

PUBLISH CEO, Sonny Kwon, emphasized, "Through Web 3.0 technology, PUBLISH empowers news agencies, journalists, and readers to actively engage in a blockchain-based media ecosystem." In doing so, "PUBLISH is committed to building a robust and sustainable media ecosystem capable of tackling the challenges faced by the media industry," he added.