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Good Day NFT Campaign issues NFT to commemorate 29th Statistics Day
29th Statistics Day NFT artwork
29th Statistics Day NFT artwork

PUBLISH, in partnership with TokenPost, is pleased to announce the issuance of a new NFT (non-fungible token) to mark the 29th Statistics Day.

In the era of big data, statistics play a pivotal role in distilling meaningful insights from raw data, such as consumer prices and demographics. These insights assist policymakers and individuals alike in making more informed decisions.

In appreciation of the role of statistics, South Korea observes Statistics Day every September 1st to commemorate the establishment of the "Census Rules" in 1896 – a foundational moment for modern statistics in the country. The Statistics Office has recognized the day since 1995.

The Statistics Office operates the KOSIS (Korean Statistical Information Service), a one-stop service that provides official statistics from 30 different domains. This includes otherwise difficult-to-obtain international and North Korean statistics.

Moreover, KOSIS has developed the Statistics Playground, a user-friendly platform aimed at introducing statistics to the youth.

For the 29th Statistics Day, various events have been organized, including an opening ceremony, an exhibition, and the so-called Night of Statistics, where Lee Hyung-il, the head of the Statistics Office, is expected to outline his vision for more timely access to statistics, enhanced public accessibility, and an improved statistics framework.

The "Good Day NFT Campaign" is a joint initiative by PUBLISH and TokenPost, aimed at highlighting significant domestic and international events and holidays through the issuance and distribution of commemorative NFTs and digital artwork.